We’re Thrilled to Invite You to PowerUp 2018!

Ontario Systems’ Annual User Conference
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As a Justice Systems client, you are an important part of the Ontario Systems family. With great excitement, we invite you to experience PowerUp, our annual customer conference.

This year’s conference takes place in beautiful downtown Indianapolis and offers opportunities for product training and education, networking, and much more!

Over the course of this three-day event, you will participate in an exciting line-up of featured speakers, and have many opportunities to talk with staff and other clients just like you. And just as you have with past Justice Systems conferences, you’ll be able to build your schedule, choosing from more than 10 breakout sessions that meet your specific needs. Click the “View Agenda” button at the top of this page to see the full set of session offerings waiting for you!

We are thrilled to have you at PowerUp 2018 and look forward to meeting you this fall in Indianapolis!


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Ontario Systems and Justice Systems are leading players in the growing government software sector. The union of these two companies blends court case management and electronic payments capabilities from Justice Systems with the receivables workflow and payment follow-up automation of Ontario Systems, creating a closed loop payment and enterprise workflow solution for state and local court systems, including prosecutors and public defender offices.